Stickman Hook


Use a grip-hook to jump from platform to platform like Indiana Jones in Stickman Hook! Hang on to the rope and swing left and right until you have enough momentum to let go and reach the next anchor point. Can you get through every stage of this unique puzzle platformer?

Every new level presents the player with all kinds of challenges. At first you will have a great amount of safe space to jump over and even if you fall, the springy platforms below will throw you right back up in the air. The further you progress the more challenging the stages become: it will get very difficult to stay alive without mastering the controls and the physics of your grip-hook.

Thankfully, when you play your first Stickman Hook game, you will get a set of training levels that will explain what you need to do and how to do it very thoroughly. If you take the time to get the hang of the mechanics, you will be able to perform very tricky jumps perfectly without falling to your death.

Because of the game’s simple design and basic graphics it is possible and advisable to play Stickman Hook online – it’s free and can run on pretty much any hardware as long as it has a modern browser installed. Have fun!

We recommend playing in Slope Game.


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